Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Somnolent Witch

Writing poems is simply delightful! Thoughts and feelings one cannot express directly or one feels no one would understand, find their way in imaginative world which is actually is a reflection of your REAL world.

A somnolent witch went to sleep,
She dreamed till 6.10 in the morning.
She got up from bed,
Dressed up in her thread,
Packed lunch when unceasingly yawning.

A somnolent witch told her son:
"The chocos are waiting for you..."
He opened his eyes,
When saw the sunrise -
The day promised all the things new.

A somnolent witch gaped again,
When they both were ready to go
With bags on their backs,
With bright zodiacs,
By road which resembles a bow.

A somnolent witch worked till midday,
She rushed home to be with her son.
She put him to sleep,
Cleaned up the antique,
The rest of the work was all done.

A somnolent witch was so happy,
Though days became tougher for her.
Run up and run down
Without a frown -
That's how to learn live in a whir.

Yours faithfully
Witchcraft and literature.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Debra... but it's totally true! zzzzzz....

  2. The tiredness is worth enduring, when the reward is a little angel smiling at her. So sweet. :-)

    1. It is surely the greatest reward for her, all the tiredness subsides.
      Thanks for liking the poem Magaly.