Friday, 21 October 2016

Heart Shape for Spelling Healing into a Rotting World, Witches in Fiction 2016

My dears, after a long break of mine from anything witchy, when Magaly yet again gave an inspiration! Do visit her Spelling Healing into a Rotting World, Witches in Fiction 2016, and delight in creations of all the folks who participated in this event.

Here is a piece of fiction filled with some thoughts and emotions I have been experiencing lately... Let's bring some healing to this World, with Love!

"Each time she witnessed the bloodied little bodies buried under the ruined houses... Each time she heard of another merciless attack on innocent souls, souls which never experienced life but already were destined to die... Each time she saw the eyes of little creatures, eyes full of fear and desperation for a better life, little hands which longed for a mother's hug but were full of nothingness and cruelty of the world... 

Each such time she hugged her little boy tighter, kissed him more frequently than ever before, held him in her hands so carefully as she was afraid of breaking him or disturbing his happy existence.

Each time she whispered in his ears: "People have gone mad my darling, but we haven't. I love you so so much and want to you to always feel it, whenever you are no matter what age you are..."
She knew that this promise alone won't work. So one day she told him they were going to do something special, something she had never introduced to her son before but what was a big part of her life since childhood. This was magic.... Of course! 

She was so determined to bring on the change... The healing has started from a heartfelt prayer. She said "Love" and her little son repeated "Mommy, Love". She said "Light" and her little son repeated "Mommy, Light", she said "Happy", and her little son repeated "Mommy, Happy"...
The tow year old put his tiny hands in his mom's hands, and she kissed them, closed her eyes thinking of him and how her endless love for him would spread across the globe, would sneak into the darkest places and make them light, would heal the trembling, weak, exhausted little creatures and make them happy...

She woke up when the light burst out from the big window in her room, coating everything in its pleasant warmness. She felt safe, cozy and happy - as if she returned to the mother's womb. She couldn't see what was in front of her right away when all of a sudden received a sweetest hug ever! Her little boy then touched her cheeks with his tiny hands, holding her face gently and looked in her eyes, his own radiant with eternal ..."Love, mommy, all are happy!" - he said, and then folded his fingers in a heart shape, just like she taught him to do :)"

I wish I wish people would give more Love to each other every single day...

Yours Truly,
Witchcraft and Literature.