Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Exploring Pagan Yourself

After a wonderful celebration of Pagan Culture's anniversary, I again fell into void...It is not like I've nothing to write about, because I still keep on posting in Hindustanka's Sunny Indian Days. Today I would probably be more open with you than any other time I used to write. Open in a sense that I've never voiced the following thoughts. They kept on whirling in my head, but now I have a place and friends to share it with.
We had a great weekend with my husband, met our friends, and on the Saturday night, when we returned home, we sat on the chairs at the backyard and started talking. The sky was cloudy, the Moon was not visible, and I kept on looking at what was happening up high and suddenly I asked my husband whether it is okay in India to worship... nature. I mean, not Jesus, not Krishna... but nature itself, which is the most fascinating thing we have on Earth. He said in India all the beliefs are accepted... Then I asked in a different way: are you yourself okay with such idea? (meaning some of my Pagan interests of course). He said he was fine with this too... I felt like I really wanted to free my dreams...make them reality, believe in what I want to believe and learn. 
Every year I celebrate all Christian holidays, I do what needs to be done on these days, I go to Church... but without dedication. I do enjoy preparing Easter eggs and Christmas cakes, but those are just attributes.  Perhaps I'd not like to be pure Pagan at the same time, but definitely would like to mix two traditions... because you see, there was Pagan Russia before 998 year when Vladimir baptised it. My ancestors worshipped nature, they had Gods and Goddesses, who helped them in living life. I was always into learning of ancient mythology, be it Greek or Egyptian, or Scandinavian. My Mum was the one who supported these interests and she taught me such things like chiromancy, introduced to the Zodiac circle, movement of the Planets. I used to see her and my father sowing seeds and getting good harvest every Autumn. Nature was my guide and friend since my childhood... I don't want to lose it.
I realize now that this blog is giving opportunities for finding my inner self. I don't want to seem though as some kind of a double personality, I don't hide this blog and my interests from anyone, including my family. Hence if anyone reads it some day, it is about me too. I am glad to have found people who share same views  with me and who find it interesting what I write here and in my other blog, which, you must have noticed, have a great part about plants and nature :) Do read it here if you wish so.
It is the time of Beltane festival, and in order to celebrate it I offer you a picture of Slavic Goddess of the Spring Lada. May your days be fresh, bright and full of warmness of the Sun.

Yours sincerely,
Witchcraft and Literature