Thursday, 16 June 2016

In Need of Returning Home

The sudden need, can't escape it,
Energy, inspiration, whatever.
It has started leaving my body,
My thoughts and my deals.

I search for it where
It never was kept.
At least, not for me.
In need of touching my roots.

Connect with my folks,
My air, my water and fire -
It's not the same here.
The energy's dying.

I am heading to land
Where my existence was born.
Where winter is harsh and summer is too...
That's what I was made of and for...

Yours sincerely,
Witchcraft and Literature


  1. That was beautiful and true! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Hello! Glad to see you here Greekwitch :) thanks for the compliment...Oh I really really need to gain that energy back!

  2. Such longing, Anna... Nothing ever compares with the energy of the place we call home. Perhaps, that's the reason why our bones always yearn to return.

    1. Oh yea.. bones and flesh, and mind and everything! Sometimes we just forget to miss our home, but our body always remembers... I hope you are doing fine!

  3. Yes, the call of HOME can be strong and urgent. Enjoy your return!

  4. I will take you to your motherland, my love!