Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Magical Pathway to My Goal

I haven't been posting recently in my Witchcraft and Literature. No time and no inspiration like I used to have in the very beginning. Nevertheless I have so many ideas for this blog! They are still in the process of shaping, and I hope I can post some of them soon.
I have realized too that the topic I am exploring is much much wider and richer than I could envisage. First of all, witchcraft on its own is a very diverse and multidimensional subject, so it involves a serious preparation for any kind of research, and secondly, literature.. oh, I know it well and I don't know it at all at the same time. If just to imagine how many sources I have already read and studied and how many more are waiting for their turn! Literature doesn't assume only what is written by famous writers in their famous books, literature is a treasury of human thoughts, feelings and beliefs too, what expands it till folklore, myths and other forms of self expression, unwritten sources as well.
My head is full of ideas, which are like flying smoke or movement of air. It makes me feel sometimes that I might lose them, omit them and never get again. So in order not to let it happen I am going to continue my way towards cryptic witchcraft in not less cryptic world literature.
The result will depend on which pathway I am taking. It can be fairy tale-like, sunny and seen far:
fairy magical pathway
It can be hidden among the trees and I will discover many unknown things on the way:
enigmatic magical pathway
Or I will always be seeing the light somewhere there, so close and so far, which will be guiding me:
light magical pathway
However any path you choose gives a lot to your personality  development, enriches your mind. I am not afraid now and can go bravely along one of them... or many :)
P.S. Links to the images are given in the captions to the pictures.

Yours sincerely,
Witchcraft and Literature

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